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Feeding people out of love from your heart is a great way to strength your compromise with your community











We help Homeless in Miami Area with Food, Clothes, and Personal Cleaning

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Charity Fund

Food is something that a person cannot go without for even short periods of time without experiencing fatigue, disorientation, and can lead to declining health. Nutrition is vital to mental and physical health.
The opportunities for food for homeless are slim and most people find it difficult to experience any kind of freedom in their lives without spending most of their time traveling from one hunger meal to the next to stay fed. Most hunger meals are served in churches in and the days and locations are spaced far apart.
While food is always a good choice, it may not always meet a person’s need at the time offered. A person does not accepting your offer for a meal is not a sign of being ungrateful, but could mean that your was offer came just after someone else had already brought that person a meal. Unlike mainstream living, storage opportunities are slim so a person has to eat what is given at the time.


“Food has a whole cultural element and has emotional context. That’s why one of the biggest issues that homeless people face is the stress of not being able to eat what they’re used to, or getting that simple pleasure from eating something they enjoy,” Ms Colvin




Do people with mental health issues deserve food?

Yes. Some will only get it from garbage cans and food that you leave and walk away from. Often if you see someone sleeping in a doorway, they are going to wake up hungry. Leaving a nice snack for them is a nice thing to do. We are working on a start up that helps feed people smiley food. That you don’t come by everyday.
We need to attack the causes of homelessness, but feeding people out of love from your heart is a great way to sooth the symptoms at any given moment. We can save them. We will fix this together. Just not tonight. So if it feels safe, give them some food.

Our Goals

1- Support in terms of food and clothing to the homeless of the city of Miami.
2- Contribute to the physical and emotional attention of this social group in order to help reinsert them in society.
3- Expand this social work to other cities in Florida.

Get Involved.

Have you ever been thirsty or hungry and someone bought you a meal, gave you some money, or a ride or a bottle of water? It makes a difference IN THAT MOMENT and IN THOSE MOMENTS many people experience the kindness of a stranger or the epiphany of life, or feel hope spark in them.

Get in Touch.

We are always happy to hear from you! Please send us your questions or requests. A member of our customer service team will respond by the next business day.

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