About Our Foundation

We are a NON-PROFIT Foundation dedicated to give Hope to Homeless in Miami Area. We help them with Food, Clothes, and Personal Cleaning. 


Luis Valdes & Raul Valdivia – Founders

Our Mission is to give a better quality of live to those individuals that today, for any reason, lost their homes and they are living on the streets. 

During the last years, the number of Homeless has been increasing and we can see people on the streets with real problems.

We are living in a country with a lot of resources and even if we cannot create jobs for them, at least we can help them with simple things like give them something to eat, be clean, and clothes to be more comfortable. These basic donations can change their quality of lives and maybe creates a new hope for those who really wants to move on. Share with us, volunteer with us, and have the experience to do something real for real people.
Thank you! your help will be really appreciated!

Our Mission

1- Support in terms of food and clothing to the homeless of the city of Miami.
2- Contribute to the physical and emotional attention of this social group in order to help reinsert them in society.
3- Expand this social work to other cities in Florida.

Our Vision

Have no Homeless suffering on the streets, providing a better quality of live contributing with some food, clothes and personal cleaning that will help reduce the daily stress of surviving.

Become a Volunteer Today

We are looking for Volunteers that can help us giving food, clothes, and if you know how to cut hair will be amazing. Please contact us for more Information. 


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